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Tobhiyah Holmes, M.A.

Tobhiyah Holmes, M.A.

Tobhiyah Holmes comes from a family of educators right here in Sonoma Valley. His grandfather was the former principal of El Verano school, his aunt is a professor in Europe, and his mother was an educator in South Asia. Mr. Holmes began his career in education 19 years ago. In that time he has honed his teaching skills through a variety of educational environments including kindergarten, high school, and college classrooms located at international schools, juvenile detention centers, Peace Corps, Catholic schools, and public schools. His professional and personal interests lie in the Social Sciences and other Humanities. Mr. Holmes primary classroom goal is to help students develop their personal voice and exercise their intrinsic power to meet their own goals. He is the first to tell his students that while he truly believes the Social Sciences are entertaining and interesting, in fact, they are primarily a tool to develop student's individual critical thinking and analysis skills. Mr. Holmes' honors include permanent seat in Alpha Gamma Sigma community organization, Teachers Council of Thailand, Teacher of the Year at Hanna Center, and two Master's degrees.